SINCE 1986
TOP LINE  celebrates in  2016 its 30th anniversary.
Since 1986, TOP LINE stands for chairs and armchairs that are built with state of the art technology, style, attention to the detail and the newest trends in the market.
Our success lies in the passion for quality and the pride of being one of the TOP players in the industry, and the TOP partner for your business!
TopLine: respect for nature begins with a building of low environmental impact.
Surrounded by an idyllic landscape, the production building, recently reorganised and enlarged, is one of the few industrial entities in Friuli’schairs sector cluster to be able to boast a complete production cycle: from rough planks to the painted, upholstered and packaged finished product, ready for shipment.
We are creating, in every single phase of the production
process, the logic of the team, through
engaging experiences and significant nexus.